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ManagedIT Staff Augmentation and  
RPO Services

Our quality recruitment outsourcing program blends dedicated recruiters, technology, and best practice hiring processes to transform an organization's talent acquisition function.

Aligned to your hiring managers, RPO solutions drive the end-to-end recruitment process from forecasting to sourcing, assessing, placing, on-boarding, and reporting while utilizing expertise, innovative technology, and key performance indicators.

Through clearly defined processes and deep specialization, RPO solutions can dramatically reduce cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and attrition, plus measurably improve quality of hire, reporting, and scalability, delivering you a far greater return on investment.

An end-to-end RPO solution may be used for a single market, country, region, or across the globe. Likewise, the RPO solution may focus on a specific business division, role family (e.g. sales), or encompass all hiring across the enterprise.

A Project RPO solution allows a company to hire a team of expert talent acquisition professionals to quickly fill a specific need within a designated time frame, such as recruitment back-logs, launching a new sales team, meeting an unexpected hiring demand, or talent pooling and sourcing.

An On-demand Recruiter solution is similar to Project RPO, but instead involves having one or two outsourced recruiters join your talent acquisition team for a specific project or time period.

Lastly, you may also leverage an outsourced provider to build your contingent workforce, ensuring you have access to a high quality talent pool whenever needed.

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